My own Tandy WP-2 came in the mail today! I've unboxed it and put in the batteries just to see if it worked and typed out a few sample sentences. The full-size keyboard is beautiful and so satisfyingly clicky!

I'm in the UK so Thanksgiving isn't really a thing over here... Still, since we're probably not going to be able to do much over the holidays this year, and because we've both been pretty stressed the last few weeks, we decided to make a Thanksgiving meal anyways. This plus getting the Tandy was almost enough to make me feel festive! Though it's really sinking in that I'm going to have to just mail gifts and cards to everyone this year, better get on that... (BTW, my card signup list is here.)

What we did today is our usual strat for holiday meals (it's just the two of us, me and Stephen). Get a nice type of roast for the main (last Christmas we did a honey glazed ham), and then get sprouts, roasting potatoes and yams, plus some stuffing for me. Get a box of nice chocolates and a bottle of wine. Put the roast in one pan and all the veggies on another and cook them for the right time. End up breaking into the chocolates early, they were supposed to be for desert! When everything's done pour the wine and eat the food and then have the rest of the chocolates. Make sure you also watch a corny movie or some episodes of Game Center CX. Oh, and make sandwiches from the leftovers the next day. Well, that's my advice!!