I was so busy between my last post and now that I thought I might have brought burnout on myself just by thinking/posting about it. lol.

Alternative Ecologies Jam went well! It was a bit more stressful than the others I've run because just about as soon as it started I had a strong sense of how much shorter 3 days was than a week. So naturally, we got less entries and they came in a cluster at the end rather than throughout but I think the quality is overall really good! My entry is on the mildly-trolly mildly-serious idea of a "Proof-of-Rest" protocol. HM! I obviously had something on my mind.

I've also updated the Low Tech Webring, and left it open when/if I'll next update. It's a huge number of sites now, and while I find them all great and interesting and charming in their own ways, it's kind of become a huge endeavor for one person and idk if a webring is the best or most sustainable way to present all these sites together. I'm open to discussions on it!

Plaintext Distro is now open to purchases, and I will be mailing all the zines at the end of the month. Currently, it's just a way for me and a few low tech oriented friends to distribute zines in a very casual, at-cost way, but I'd like to extend it to feature a lot of different publications around those themes. It's a part of Glasgow Zine Fair which takes place over all of April.

The job interview went well, I've been invited for a second-round interview. Yay! I also have some paid writing lined up after much pain and anguish (turns out there are two outlets who will pay me a non-offensive amount to publish my work, remaining, on earth), and additional production/facilitation work to keep me busy through april/may (which is... convenient since that job would start in June if I get it!)

It's getting warmer here gradually and we've even had a few sunny days that got up to 15/16 C! But it's making me realize how much I miss walking into town, going to the local shops I liked, getting a bubble tea and sitting in the square, etc, all the things that have not quite become possible again yet due to COVID. I hope under 50s can start getting vaccinated soon here. I am planning to get a nice pizza from an amazing local place across the street tomorrow!

Other than that, keeping my head down revising my VN script and reading on in The Magic Mountain! Recently, I've enjoyed reading the new Low Tech blog post about wastewater fish ponds and Charmaine Chua's blog series about riding on a container ship. Yep, I think that's about it. Hope everyone is having a nice day and only getting fooled on in good spirits.