I have like a half hour of not much to do at the end of the evening now, so I suppose I'll rattle off another post. I got a shout-out in Marina's talk as the "most prolific zonelet," after all!! (please, I invite anyone to steal my crown)

Work goes well! I got my first paycheck and cleared my probation period! They seem to be impressed by my work, which, since it is so XML heavy is definitely in part due to the time I spend doing stuff like this lol. My manager has even mentioned getting me more involved in schema development and layout type stuff for the Middle School science curriculum content we're currently working on. I'm also doing a QC round on a MASSIVE textbook section on how fossils are formed. It's fine but I definitely find the XML work more interesting so hopefully I get to do more of that instead.

I submitted to story I posted a snippet of last time to a literary magazine! And turns out their response time is 3-6 months which can be typical in this field.... womp. I'm kind of just proud of finishing something, though. I'm also planning out the project I want to work towards a full draft of during NaNoWriMo this year. I like writing fiction a lot.

But I also wrote a new blog post on my main site! It's more about Visual Novels and ways for them to better "fit" into a "Game Studies" perspective, because I find how a lot of people in the field just dismiss them to be really frustrating! It's closely related to other stuff I've written on VN structure and perspective.

This interview I did about my ""setup"" also went up. Enjoy the jank, lol.

And I've been having fun screwing around in Bipsi.

I got my second vaccination on Friday, and it kind of wiped me out! Overall though I've been feeling a lot more easy on myself, productive and imaginative now that I have a more regular work schedule and don't have to look at an application form until at least the end of the year. Speaking of which, I've already gotten Stephen a Christmas present, or at least pre-ordered it. We also watched One Cut of the Dead on the first to start our annual Halloween film season which is naturally August, September and October. Maybe I should start thinking about my Christmas card design soon, huh?